SWORD ART ONLINE: Integral Factory MMORPG, online games and mobile games, the latest SAO series! This is the story of the adventure in Aincrad. The search for victory in the virtual VR world is waiting for everyone.

Character SAOIF: Kirito, Asuna, Sinon, Sirika, Leafa, Klein, Lisbeth, Yuuki, Yui, Agil, Koharu, Alice, Eugio, Liten, Argo, Sachi, Mater, Kizmel, Lueur, Gin, Diavel, Kibaou, Yolko, Caine, Godfree, Tetsuo, Keita, Ducker, Mina, Sasamura

SWORD ART ONLINE: Integral Factor, MMORPG game! From Bandai, Japan In the international version There are over 1000000 gamers loaded with beautiful graphics, maintaining the original SWORD ART ONLINE. With many special events, both from Sword Art Online - Alicization and the movie.

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